Payroll Services

Member Name: Brianna Wiggins


Company: Paychex
Title: Small Business Consultant
Phone: (201) 421-2573
Cell: (585) 705-9360

Focus: Payroll Services

I started my career with Paychex in 2017 at our headquarters in Rochester, NY. Before moving to Paychex’s Northern New Jersey office in Fair Lawn, I was working with our current clients to answer questions about any additional products they may need or have interest in. Because of this experience, I have a wide range of knowledge on all of our products. Now, I specialize in working with business owners to find the best payroll solution for them. As the nation’s leading provider of Human Capital Management Services, we have multiple packages that can be customized to fit your needs with a variety of ways to run payroll and view your reports. My favorite part about what I do is having the opportunity to meet so many different people and connect with all types of businesses, I truly enjoy getting to know each and every client. Growing up in a small family business, I was able to witness first-hand all of the challenges that small business owners face. I gained a passion for learning the ins and outs of business, and I feel lucky every day that I get to help small business owners.