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Networking Breakfast
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What Does This All Mean

Chapter Meetings are the heart of the LeTip Process. These weekly breakfast gatherings are conducted using a formal agenda for two main purposes: for members to educate each other about their businesses and to exchange business leads (or “tips”). At each meeting certain members are chosen to Showboat (set up a display showcasing their business) Greet (ensure that guests are welcomed properly) or Speak (give an oral presentation about their business or some related topic).

Mixers are generally held once each quarter and have a different format than weekly meetings. At our mixers all members act as Showboaters and the usual agenda changed to an open, tradeshow-like atmosphere.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings and mixers. Seminars are offered by LeTip International to train it’s members on the finer points of building and maintaining your network of business contacts. Seminars are open to members only.