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I want in!! How do I become a member? Joining our LeTip chapter is easy: The first step is to check out our open category page and see if we have a place available for you. If you’re unsure about what category you’re in, contact a board member for clarification. If your category is already occupied don’t be discouraged; we will be happy to refer you to another chapter or even start you on the way to forming your own.

weekly meetings. Join us for a free breakfast and meet some of our members. If you like what you see you can return to join us for a second meeting. At your second meeting you must decide whether or not LeTip is for you. If you’ve decided to join, see a board member after the meeting to get an application form. Return the completed form with your initial dues to the membership chair.

After reviewing your application for completeness and accuracy, our chapter inspector will contact you to arrange an appointment. He will visit you at your place of business to ensure that you have all the required licenses and facilities to properly function in your category.

You must be absent from the next meeting, and the inspector will share his impressions with our members. All members present at the meeting will then vote on your admission (there is no absentee or proxy voting). A vote of “no” from three people or 10% of the chapter, whichever is greater, will disqualify the applicant.

You will be notified of the results of the vote the same day it takes place, and hopefully welcomed into the chapter. It sometimes happens that two or more people apply simultaneously for the same category. In that case, all eligible applicants will engage in a “speak off” at our next meeting, with each person given five minutes to make their case to the chapter. The winner of the speak off, decided by majority vote, will continue the application process.

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